Vastu for Office/Shop

Business Premises

  1. For success and growth, it is very important to follow the principles of Vastu in your business premises as well. To derive the maximum out of theemployees, it is advisable to have the seating arrangement and settings inside the shops or offices according to these principles.
  2. Many a times, you may have experienced stagnancy in business, problems in payments, disharmony, this can be purely attributed to the Vastu defects of your business premises.
  3. According to Vaastu Shastra, the door through which a customer enters is considered to be the face of the shop/business concern. Therefore, it is extremely important to have the door checked from a qualified Vastu expert.
  4. Seat of the owner in the Retail shops/ offices. The owner should sit in the shop or commercial office in the South West with his facing set towards East, North or North East.
  5. If a shop or commercial office has the width in the front less than that in the rear, it is known as Gaumukhi shape (Cow Mouth Shape). Such shape is not auspicious for business.
  6. If the width of a shop or commercial office is more in the front and less in the rear, the shape is called singhmukhi (Lion mouth shaped); it is auspicious and beneficial for commercial purposes. Having a proper four sided rectangular or square shapes are good and auspicious.
  7. Shops or commercial offices having triangular shape, irregular shape, extended at the corners (other than the north-east corner) are inauspicious. Such situations cause loss of money and of mental peace also.
  8. There should be no threshold (door-sill) at the entrance of the shop or business concern. Slope towards the entrance is also inauspicious. It makes the profits unstable and the wealth washes away. Iron Safe should be placed in the SW with its door opening in the North direction.
  9. The offices and shops should be clutter free and clean to invite positivity. It is auspicious to install the idols of god Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi on the right hand side or in north- east corner. Auspicious symbols such as a Swastik should be marked and ‘Shubh-Labh’ ‘ Rddhi-Siddhi’ words written on the wall in the shop.
  10. Cash counter should be placed facing north. Cash box should never be left blank or empty.
  11. Presence of a tree or pole etc. in front of the shop causes Vedh, which is inauspicious. It creates problems and disturbances in the business, such Vedh should be avoided. North east of an office or a shop should be left free and light in order to allow the positive energy to enter the premises.
  12. Heavy items should be kept in South West or West portion. Any pantry or kitchen should either be in the South East or North West.