Vastu for Imbalance & 5 Elements

Imbalance of Elements

You’ve heard about the seven chakras – they’re your body’s inherent source of energy. Chakras stem from the root of the spine and go up to the crown of the head, these spheres of vibrational energy enable you to not only interact with the world but is also responsible for your health and wealth.
Chakras are our outlet to the outer world. Every moment we keep moving up and down with emotions, you can call it life condition. Good feeling is the result of the positivity within and without and the negative feeling is a byproduct of the darkness within ones own mid, body and aura. This movement of your chakra cycle, whether positive and negative is determined by the healthy energetic field surrounding your body.

An imbalance in a particular chakra can enable you to feel negative about life. As a result of this imbalance our chakras become weak and thus affect our spirituality, intuition, creativity, confidence level, your weight, your relationship, etc etc. As mentioned above negativity or an imbalance of the elements in our living environment disturbs our energy centres or chakras. We feel stressed and tense while our energies are dissipated in different directions. This negativety is enhanced when all the elements in our house or our office are not balanced.

Only when you recognize how the negative energy of your house is impacting your life can you begin to clear it. Here is an understanding of how 5 elements are responsible for a perfect balance in your life.


This element is connected with survival and our grounding the Root Chakra. Balancing this element in our house would mean how secure and safe we feel in the world and how well we can balance trust versus mistrust, independence versus dependence, and standing alone versus belonging to groups. Imbalance of this element can be caused by a defect in the South-West direction. A water source in the South-West or corner which is cut off in the SW – can lead to a loss of control in your business, health or family.


This element is for procreation or Sacral Chakra that balances creativity and sexuality. An imbalance of Water element would mean defect in the North or North East direction. If the North-East direction being cut-off – can restrict expansion plans in business (especially finances) as well as in the family. If there is a toilet in the NE, male members health will suffer, if there is a toilet in the NE ladies will have problems in conceiving.



This element is for vision and fame, it is connected with Solar Plexus Chakra which governs personal power and will.. An imbalance such as depression in the South-East or existence of a water source in the same direction can hinder prosperity and bring a bad name to the business and family. It can also create legal conflict.





This element is for feeling your true connection with the world, it is connected to the Heart Chakra that balances love and the Throat Chakra that governs our communication. An imbalance like a water source in the North-West, a depression in the North-West or the North-West direction becoming more elevated than the South-West can block the feelings of people towards you. You will be deprived of helpful people in your environment.


This element is for internal strength. This element is connected with the Third Eye Chakra that governs our intuition and psychic abilities and to the Crown Chakra that governs our connection to Spirit and to the Creator. An imbalance like the centre of your establishment having a water source can cause you to lose your inner strength and your money. It is like an attack in our central nervous system.