Facing Directions for Vastu

Main Door – Your Gateway to Success!

The Main Entrance, needs a great attention as per Vastu. 50% of our total earth luck depends on main door, as it lets in the vital life-giving force that promotes health, wealth and luck. Our main door is also called the Energy door that determines the correct flow of vibrations experienced by the household. Here are some of the tips about main door:

  1. The door should open completely. There should be no obstruction like a shoe rack, dustbin or any thorny plant near the main door. If you do have a shoe rack, it will not allow the positive energy to enter, hence lack of opportunities and limited chance of growth.
  2. There should be no cracks on th emain door. Your main door should open in clock wise direction. Door opening in anti-clock direction causes delay in work, slow progress and difference of opinion among the family members.
  3. Avoid a blank wall as soon as you enter, if you do have one please hang a Swastik or keep a welcoming painting on the blank wall.
  4. The shadow of a tree or any light pole should not fall in door of the house.
  5. The main door should be decorated with Swastik, Laksmi, Ganesh.
  6. Never have  standing Ganesha or Half Ganesha on the main door.