Directions in Vastu

Importance of Directions

According to Vaastu shastra, the entire universe exists in endless space and has no direction whatsoever. However, on Earth our directions are defined with respect to the Sun, due to the existence of magnetic field.


There are 4 cardinal (East, West, North & South) and 4 sub-cardinal (South East, North West, South West, North East). All these directions of the nature are fixed. These directions are governed by different deities. Researchers have proved that a biomagnetic field of the earth interacts with the bioenergetic field of a body. Therefore, wherever we live greatly influences our life. Since Vastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every fact.


North (Uttar) is ruled by the god of wealth, Kuber. The North is the direction of the Pole star, the fixed point in the sky that denotes stability and security. Kuber controls prosperity & wealth. Diti, Aditi, Sarp, Soma, Bhallat etc are the other deities in the North direction. This area in a house should be more airy and have more open space, there should be no blockages. The residents will be receive blessings of Lord Kuber and the house will witness lot of prosperity. On the other hand if there are blockages or if it is higher than the Southern part, people staying in the house will suffer from financial issues.

North-East (Eshan)

North-East (Eshan) is considered to be the direction of the Supreme Being. Lord of the lords is the owner of this direction. The NE symbolizes almost everything that a man aspires for like health, growth, wealth, career enhancements etc. Therefore NE should be free of any clutter, beam, pillar, or toilet. More open space in the NE enhances the positive energy flow that is received from the NE point of a building. Moreover, the NE is the junction of Kuber and Indra, positive N & NE will benefit the health and finances of the master of the house. The NE should always be kept low and light in the house.

East (Purv)

East is ruled by the Sun or God Indra. The East, from where the Sun rises is treated as a very auspicious direction, as the maximum amount of Solar Energy is received from this direction. Solar energy is extremely important for the survival of human beings; therefore East should also be open and airy in a house. There should be no blockages in the house to avoid negativity. This direction is also related to Forefathers and parents and it is also a source of Male children in the house. Any blockages in this direction will cause troubles for the males of the house. Other gods that rule the East are Eesh, Jayant, Surya, Satya, Akash, Agni etc.

South-East (Agneya)

South East is the direction of Agni, the god of fire. This is the direction of health, vitality and energy. SE is Fire in Vastu, therefore any water body will cause a lot of health issues. Having a toilet in the SE will cause women related issues.





South (Dakshin)

South is the direction of Yama, the god of death. The South represents the past and our ancestry. Southern corner of the house should always be heavier and higher than the Northern part. No open space like gardens, Balconies, Terraces should be in this direction. South direction is also related to ladies, therefore if the construction in the Southern direction is as per the principles of vastu, ladies will be very comfortable in this house.


West (Paschim)

West is governed by the god of water, The Varuna. The West indicates name and fame. The West or Paschim opens doors of development for humans. Western part should be heavier in order to derive maximum benefits of the directions. Therefore, it is best to have bathrooms, toilets, staircases, store rooms here. Trees can be planted here. As per vastu if West is higher and heavy, it will result in favourable results for the residents. Having water tanks in this direction, will ensure success and prosperity. Other deities in this direction are Shesha, Varuna, Pushpelata, Sugriva etc.

South-West (Nairutya)

South West is the direction of Nairuti or dissolution, the Demon Goddess of Wealth or The Sthir Lakshmi. The most auspicious energy that is received from the North East is distributed in the entire house and then finally gets stored here. This is the direction where the owner should have his Master Bedroom, Wardrobes, Safe. SW should never be left open and airy to avoid issues related to the stability of the master of the house. The door in the SW invites all sorts of relationship, finance, health problems in ones life.

North-West (Vaayavya)

North West is the direction of the wind God, Vaayu. In Vaastu it is recommended that this direction should be used for toilets, garages, pantry etc. Vayu causes a lot of movement in one’s life, whether to turn this movement in your favour or against you completely depend on the vastu of this direction. If the NW is based on the principles of vastu, there will be mental peace and growth in business.



Brahmasthan is a central and powerful zone of a property. All directions meet at the centre and disperse positive energy in all directions. This positive energy is very useful for living beings. Brahmasthan should be left open and should be free of obstructing objects. There should not be a beam/pillar/wall at the centre of a property. It is immensely important to keep centre non-obstructive and tidy to better inflow of energies.