The term “bagua” (or “ba gua”) is derived from the book of the I-Ching, a sacred text used to tell the future. An ancient Chinese term “bagua” means “eight areas” (“ba”=eight, “gua”=area) and Feng Shui bagua acts like a map or chart that relates to the various areas of your life through the 8 sections of your house. These eight main sections of a space are represented by what are known as “guas” of the bagua map. The bagua map can also have a ninth center section that corresponds to the 8 major corresponding life areas. So in this way the layout of bagua map shows the nine main energy centers that are important while analyzing the house.

The map is used by placing it over a floor plan of your house / office. With the help of this map you would know if your relationship area is in the toilet or in the bedroom. If it is in the Bedroom which is SW, it is termed excellent in Feng Shui.
Through such an analysis we can pinpoint the areas which that need our immediate attention so that they can be enhanced by Feng Shui practice.

The Eight Life Area of Feng Shui

The Feng Shui bagua is the most important way to understand how environment relates to the various aspects of life. Wealth, reputation, love, family and health, travel and helpful acquaintances, career, wisdom, children and creativity are the main life areas.
‘Feng Shui Bagua’ the key points

Feng Shui Bagua helps you to analyze your living space by putting the 9 sections on the floor plan of your house. This will help you understand the relationship between the Bagua and different parts of your house (or parts of a room) and the different aspects of your life.When dealing with a specific problem like relationship, wealth, children, career, you should first determine which or the eight life guas it fits in.

For example, if you are having a fight with your daughter, that would fall into the children gua, whereas dissatisfaction with your salary would relate to the career and wealth guas.After you determine the problem area, overlay the bagua map and see which portion of your home requires your immediate intervention to correct the imbalanced energies.The Feng Shui bagua helps you to understand where you should be making enhancements or cures to improve problematic areas and which area of your life you should target.Individual guas have unique personalities, symbols, and associated elements. When you know about each element and its meaning, the bagua tells you how can you make healing enhancements to your space using one or more elements.