9 Ki Astrology

Out of the many styles of oriental astrology, one of them is 9-Ki Star Astrology. Ki is a Japanese word, which means “Chi” or “Energy” in Chinese. 9 Ki Astrology recognizes nine personality types in its system, and realizes that each person expresses his/her elemental energy and how they react to others.

To find out what is in store for you this month, Kua number is very important. This forecast will determine which star rules your constitutional make-up, within the nine-year cycles that 9-Ki Star Astrology.

This pattern not only rules an individual in a particular year, but the same the same nine different states change at monthly intervals as well.

“The Chinese year changes in January or February. This script isn’t calculated for each & every year exactly so it is presumed to set at Feb 3rd of each year. If you were born before you will have to deduct a year from your date of birth”.