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It felt as if I had reached a point of no return …. I was exhausted dealing with the daily pressure experienced, coming from my daughter and husband not to mention work and personal finances. The constant struggle for balance in our daily lives was taking its toll and fast …. All my effort seemed so fruitless and I felt like an empty shell. Nothing to give because there was just never anything to gain. Loveless … Lost interest in life … I was at war with myself, I started the soul search, I wanted to run away just so far away from everything and everyone, maybe I had to admit that I was in a state of depression, so lonely and helpless.

My daughter created a life of chaos for herself living against every principle and rule. She had destroyed herself in the process and lacked confidence and created such a low self esteem by insisting on a Relationship with others whom continued to bring her down. We had reached a point where she was controlling the household and our lives and this was just heading for even greater disaster. On a day and to my surprise, Merissa (my daughter) informed me that she had contact with Deepti Taurani and within days I could see a change in her attitude and the way she looked at life. She was more positive and concerned about her parents and her and our futures.

Over the next months Merissa has become independent and more self accepting. She is happier and has accepted the closure of her past back home. My daughter insisted that I also visit Deepti Taurani, which I did and through our therapeutic session many good has come about. Deepti made me aware of my feelings and provided me with ideas of how to deal with different situations regarding my daughter and my husband. She made me think and when I left her, I immediately put everything into practice. I am more positive and I look at situations in a different way. I also manage and tackle every day, although one day at a time, to the best of my ability. I had decided that it was time to concentrate on myself to make myself happy again and to correct my own financial stress experienced. My relationship with my daughter and husband has improved. I am more focused on how to deal with every situation in a calm manner.

I avoid negativity and push away those who want to off load their concerns onto me. I pay more attention to myself and I am in the process of negotiating more income from my employer and to increase the inflow of funds into my financial situation. Slowly I deal with every financial situation to find the best possible solution and I will succeed. I no longer want to run away from my “problems” and although I find myself moving slowly towards complete resolution, life is so much better than before. The success of this “process”, I attribute to the assistance provided by Diiptii Tauranii. Wishing you success.


Rolande van Greuning

South African

Diiptii Tauranii is a “Master” and knows her stuff well. She is one consultant who involves herself with the project and ensures that the client gets the best. In my case, she asked me to change my design completely. My house is nearing completion and all I can tell at this point is that everything has gone smooth. I am only feeling happy. Professionally things are happening for the better. All this before I have moved in to stay into my new house!

I believe that you build house only once, it’s only prudent to incorporate available means to make your home “The Place”.

Lalit Tiwari – Business Head 

Yogeshwar Diesels – Indore (India)

I met Diiptii Tauranii a few weeks ago and I have not looked back since then.

I was at a very low point in my life, in the middle of a court case with my ex- company who were un necessaryly pursuing a 12 month ban on me which if they were successful would have prevented me from working in the UAE. I had been jobless for almost 2 months with no money, no family and friends around.

Been at such a low point in my life also caused me to behave irrationally around my boyfriend. I had been trying very hard to hold my life together and on some days i failed miserablly. Diiptii’s details were passed onto me by chance (well actually I later realised that it was fate). Within 2 weeks of meeting Diiptii my circumstances turned around. The court case which had been ongoing for the last 2 months was suddenly resolved in my favour & a good part time job fell into my lap. A few great opportunites have come my way in the last few days. My self confidence has improved and I am starting to feel good about myself. I recommend working with Diiptii

Whomashanee (Valerie) Naidoo

Dubai (UAE)

Life is a series of challenges and even bigger challenge is to seek the right advice from the right person at the right time.
I met Deiptii 2 years ago and sought her advice on the Vastu of my house. It is imperative to add here, I did seek advice from other consultants as well, but the way Deiptii has dealt with my case has been truly commendable. I have always believed that Vastu is a science and it has its own way of bringing positivity in your life. Deiptii has guided me since then and helped me improve the quality of my life.
In my opinion she has indepth knowledge of vastu and is very capable in handling in sensitive issues pertaining to one’s life. In the End I would say I have met several people in my life, “ There is NO ONE like her” .

Gurdish Singh Sabharwal 

Engineer Director – Dubai

The devilish functions in life are fundamentally crucial to progress and succeed. It is human challenge to identify,learn and apply tools to tame these. Vastu is one such tool that is available to all, however,applied by a chosen few who care to tap its potential. It is also imperative that knowledge of Vastu be applied correctly. For this you need someone that has depth of Vastu science and breath of other sciences that may conflict or act as catalyst,such as pyramids. Diiptii Tauranii stands out to me in this regard.

Diiptii worked with me to understand goals and constraints and craft a solution to help achieve my goals. Her efforts were far and beyond to understand our lifestyle, environment, road blockers and needs during analysis phase. The vastu plan had plethora of options to choose from that worked best. For anyone interested in tapping benefits of Vastu shastra, I will encourage to reach out to Diiptii. Please help yourself by helping her to help you achieve your goals that she will unquestionably thrive to achieve!


Mukul Janeja -Director, IT

Maryland, USA

Solution starts in identifying the problem. You can never solve a problem without identifying it. The right approach towards the resolution is the correct method of improving situation and life. This is exactly what Diptiji perfects in.

Sunayna Sarswat 

Dubai – UAE

Vaastu – Some believe some don’t, but I do believe cause that has changed my life.

Few years ago I was staying in another apartment and I stayed eight years in that house knowing that the house had a lot of Vaastu defects, which I attribute it to destiny. We suffered a lot financially and health wise. We did a lot of changes in that house before I met Diiptii Taurani. Despite of working so hard, things didn’t change. Financial debts kept pilling on. After visiting that house, she advised some changes but insisted we should move from that house, as it was absolutely negative as per Vastu. The history of that house was an evidence as whoever stayed in that house either faced legal issues or severe financial troubles. It was not easy for me to shift immediately so I did some changes as advised by Diiptii and I was feeling better but finally I had to change due to health and finance issues and even business was suffering. Diiptii helped us to find a new and better vastu house. Finally we found a house which was 60% perfect.

She gave us cures and remedies to make the new house 100% perfect. She advised us to keep Vaastu accessories and Pyramids at home and in office. I had full faith in her abilities, therefore we went ahead with her advice. Everything started working. Meetings that seemed impossible started happening. Now our business is getting better. Kids are doing great, wife’s health is fine and financially we are getting better. It is more than a year we have shifted to new house and after all those changes we are very comfortable in that house. I also admire her predections that have guided me to take action as per the energies of that particular month. I would be more than glad to recommend Diiptii Tauranii to everyone as I truly believe she has brought a lot of positivity in my life.
Thanks to Dipti for her involvement to make sure that our life is better after all the changes as she is responsible at every stage.


Rajesh Jesswani – Director 

Network Trading LLC – Dubai – UAE

My name is Pradhap, I have been taking consultation on Vastu and astrology from Deiptii for both my business and personal front. She approaches this Devine subject both holistic and scientific way. Her in depth knowledge and experience gets me quick response to all my queries, which makes me comfortable since knowing her. I wish her a good health and blessings to get continued strength to reach great heights in the near future.


Pradhap Reddy


As a skeptic, I failed to understand this science having met numerous consultants. Deiptii has however changed that for me. Her ability to explain the science of Vaastu, astrology and the spiritual environment is exceptional. Unlike so many consultants I’ve met that my intelligence questions, Deiptii has made a believer out of me. Her honest, clean and spiritual heart to fix my life, home and office is a blessing. Breaking down why and how Vaastu works isn’t easy but she makes it seem so logical that even a layman could not argue with. A friend for life! Thank you Deiptii

Gaurav Verma